The Extraordinary Connection
A simple explanation or definition of relationships can be an “extraordinary connection.” Relationships have many different types of extraordinary connections. People are connected in wonderful and some not-so-wonderful ways. Relationships are the state of being connected to another. This relationship connection also includes behavior. The way people behave toward each other is part of this extraordinary connection called a relationship. It can be viewed as the way people deal with one another that will form a strong bonds or allow people to feel connected to others. This connection can be romantic, sexual, a love-hate connection or a simple friendship. Relationships are extraordinary because they are very unique too. Relationships are extraordinary connections between one or more people.

Variety and Relationships
Relationships and the definition are filled with variety because the concept, itself, does vary from person to person. A variety of relationships could refer to family bonds, community connections, friendships and group relationships. Relationships tend to be defined as close connections between one or more people. A relationship can be formed by an emotional bond that starts with a simple interaction. The initial bond tends to grow and expand. Common experiences begin to strengthen the bond, thus a relationship grows and is filled with added variety along with common experiences.

A Thriving Relationship
There are some added ingredients that can foster a thriving relationship. This tends to create happiness for those involved. The main ingredients of a thriving relationship include:
* ongoing and honest communication
* the desire to work through difficult situations or disagreements
* a large dose of humor
* the ability to offer emotional support
* intimacy and loving feelings
* validation
Keep in mind, relationships do not survive on their own. There must be added ingredients to keep them thriving. Relationships require energy or they will fizzle and dry out.

A Healthy Relationship
There are some important qualities that create healthy relationships. A sample of the needed qualities include:
* respect
* trust
* clear and open communication
* constant growth and learning
* a clear direction (where is the relationship headed?)
Healthy relationships can be called “whole” because it involves one or more “true and whole” people. This is a sample of the important qualities that will define a healthy relationship.

An Unhealthy Relationship
There are vital ingredients that create unhealthy relationships too. Include the following ingredients:
* an ongoing negative influence
* stunted growth, stagnant, idle
* a lack of relationship security
* a lack of attention
These are some of the ingredients that foster unhealthy relationships.

Relationship Types
There are some very basic relationship types that encompass different situations in life. The basic four are:
* romantic relationships
* casual relationships
* simple friendships
* family relationships
Each of the different types of relationships will be extraordinary because the connections will be unlike the others. Each relationship type will be very distinct and special because the situations and the people involved are distinct.

Relationships: Hate
Hate can define relationships. There are some situations in which one or more people are involved together and they describe powerful feelings of hate. This definition is a contradiction because hating the one you love is not a logical statement. Hate seems to be a distinct experience in terms of relationships. When hate and relationships are matched, the following emerges:
* feelings of loathing another
* a strong sense of despise
* detesting another
* Regarding others with distaste
* disgust for another
* feelings of hostility
* more
Hate is an emotion that can define relationships. It can emerge when two or more are gathered together in a relationship.

Relationships: Love
Love can define relationships very simply even though it is so profound. This emotion is a core expression amongst partners. Love within a romantic relationship is the ultimate emotion. It offers fulfillment, commitment and gives meaning to life. Love, weaved into a relationship will be a powerful participant in growth, will be an encouragement to another, All relationships need love. A strong and solid relationship will continually nurture one another with love. This builds confidence and gives a sense of security. Affection and love go hand-in-hand in relationships. Love is a reflection of a relationship. The relationship between a parent and a child is filled with intense feeling of love, typically. Quality relationships, of any kind, experience the following forms of love:
* fondness
* tenderness
* warmth
* intimacy
* endearment
* attachment
* devotion
* more
These are some of the words that describe love. Love can be seen in many relationships.

Relationships: Simply Defined
A simple definition of relationships; strong emotions and behaviors. A relationship can be good or bad. It can be loving or hateful. Those involved in any relationship will, also, have an opinion about the relationship. An opinion can determine the fate of a relationship.