David Crowder Band - Shine Stop Motion Music Video

A lovely stop motion video using a Lite-Brite and 700,000 pegs.  None of the Lite-Brite images were computer generated or effects.  Directed by David Crowder Band. 

DIY Custom Pacman Nails

A tutorial on how to make these custom nails are available here by Instructables User cbm104.

(Source: illusion.scene360.com)

Inflatable Photo Studio

The Inflatable Photo Studio blocks out light for your studio needs and folds up to 2x2x4 ft when deflated. Price varies depending on the size and whether it comes with a fan or not. Check out the video after the break. 

COSTS: $329 - $749

(Source: geeky-gadgets.com)


Oops is an experimental short made entirely with clips of uploaded footage on Youtube of people dropping their cameras.  It’s such a simple idea that turned into something quite entertaining.  For some reason it reminded me of a short film by Chris Milk called Last Day Dream.  Oops is directed by Chris Beckman and won the Vimeo Experimental 2010 Award.

(Source: BuzzFeed)

Illuminated Prescription Bottle Art

These Illuminated Medicine Capsule Containers made by artist Jean Shin.  These bottles take the form of lit cities and when placed upside down look like awesome chandeliers. 

(Source: recyclart.org)

Measuring Tape Mat

Measuring Tape Mat is a colorful eco-friendly plastic mat made from recycled tape measures.  

COSTS: $35

(Source: holycool.net)


Eco-friendly hangers made from recycled waste paper.  HangSavvy hangers come in a pack of 10 and can hold up to 10kg with the same lifespan as any normal hanger.  

COSTS: $39.99

(Source: holycool.net)

Open It! Coffee Mix Straw

Open It! An instant coffee mix that is also a straw for your iced coffee drink made by designer Youngdo Kim.  Check after the break for a video.

(Source: Laughing Squid)

Reconstructed Cake Faces

These Reconstructed Cake Faces are made by artist Ashkan Honarvar.  In a series he calls ‘Faces’ Honarvar uses existing pictures of soldiers who suffered mutilations to their faces during the first world war and reconstructs the suffering these soldiers had to endure.  

(Source: sweet-station.com)

Jam and Marmite Toast Portraits

Jam and Marmite Toast Portraits by Welsh artist Nathan Wyburn from Ebbw Vale.

(Source: odditycentral.com)