Leaf-It Sticky Notes

Leaf-It sticky notes from Appree. These sticky notes are available in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors. They are available in green, brown, and ginko-shaped. A cute, fun, and appealing way to stay organized.

The Chork

You can use The Chork as a fork, or cheat and pretend to use it like chopsticks, or use them naturally like regular chopsticks. Whatever way you choose it’s made for every chopstick skill level.

(Source: incrediblethings.com)

Music video by Kanye West performing Runaway (Full-length Clean).

Play-Doh Kicks

Core-77 Kicked off a One Hour Play-Doh Design Challenge back in August 2010.  The rules? Well, the shoe must be completely made out of play-doh.  Check after the break for a video and some more pictures.

(Source: spacesinkhole.com)

The Excalibur

Stands 121 feet in length, “The Excalibur" located at the Bjoeks Climb Center in Groningen, The Netherlands, is considered to be the tallest climbing wall in the world.

(Source: likecool.com)

Clock DJ

A modern view of what playing with time is.

A new media mashup by Musikame team:

Director // Edits // Motion: David Salaices
Cinematography // Motion: Alex Santiago
Music // Hands: Latrama

If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.
Sir Ken Robinson

(Source: ted.com)

Pixel Sculptures

Shawn Smith is responsible for these amazing pixelated animal sculptures made from square rods cut from plywood which are colored with ink. Smith blends the digital pixel based 2D world into our 3D environment.

Metal Spiders Made Out of Scissors

Metal spiders made out of scissors made by artist Christopher Locke.  These interesting sculptures are made from scissors that were confiscated by the TSA aka Transportation Security Administration in airport security.

COSTS: $100

There are step-by-step instructions on how these spiders were made on Chris’ Blog which can be viewed by clicking here.

“Although the TSA website says scissors with blades less than four inches are allowed on airplanes, the individual officers conducting the screening have the authority to confiscate anything they think could be used as a weapon. As a result, hundreds of pairs of scissors are confiscated daily at American airports.”

Knitted Skeleton

Knitted Skeleton by artist Ben Cuevas while in residence at the Wassaic Project (an arts collective and residency program located in New York state).

(Source: neatorama.com)