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Pacman Pumpkin

Carved out of sugar-pie pumpkins by Dave Adams.

(via hackjunk)

Envelope Messenger Bag

(via 25togo)

Envelope Messenger Bag

(via 25togo)


Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium – The Largest Aquarium in Asia

Filmmaker Jon Rawlinson visited the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium to film a soothing, dreamy look into this world of water, all 2 million gallons of it.

Chris Gilmour – Cardboard Sculptures

Amazing sculptures made out of recycled cardboard.

MIDI Bodysuit Controls Sound, Music, and Video With Hand Motions

Peque is a virtual drummer/DJ/VJ and creates these sounds, music, and video with the motions in his hands. AMAZING!

Flat Lighting

Flat Lighting by DMO studio.  
(via DMO House)

Bread Shoes

Bread Shoes by designers R&E Praspaliauskas. These shoes are not wearable, but they could very well be possibly edible though.  

Ryan Harc – Wallet-Sized Light

Pocket sized light that fits in your wallet. Mellow Light by Ryan Harc.

Hawnay Troof – Body Armageddon Music Video

“Director: Antuong Nguyen for Moop Jaw, Director Of Photography: Angus Kemp, Art Direction/Styling: Antuong Nguyen. From the new album Daggers At The Moon, available now.”

(via RetardDisco)