Pacman Pumpkin

Carved out of sugar-pie pumpkins by Dave Adams.

(via hackjunk)

Envelope Messenger Bag

(via 25togo)

Envelope Messenger Bag

(via 25togo)


Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium – The Largest Aquarium in Asia

Filmmaker Jon Rawlinson visited the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium to film a soothing, dreamy look into this world of water, all 2 million gallons of it.

Chris Gilmour – Cardboard Sculptures

Amazing sculptures made out of recycled cardboard.

MIDI Bodysuit Controls Sound, Music, and Video With Hand Motions

Peque is a virtual drummer/DJ/VJ and creates these sounds, music, and video with the motions in his hands. AMAZING!

Flat Lighting

Flat Lighting by DMO studio.  
(via DMO House)

Bread Shoes

Bread Shoes by designers R&E Praspaliauskas. These shoes are not wearable, but they could very well be possibly edible though.  

Ryan Harc – Wallet-Sized Light

Pocket sized light that fits in your wallet. Mellow Light by Ryan Harc.

Hawnay Troof – Body Armageddon Music Video

“Director: Antuong Nguyen for Moop Jaw, Director Of Photography: Angus Kemp, Art Direction/Styling: Antuong Nguyen. From the new album Daggers At The Moon, available now.”

(via RetardDisco)

Seat Savers

If you need a seat saved these are perfect for you.  Just leave one of these on your seat and your seat will be waiting for you… that is unless someone attempts to clean the spill off.