LEGO Pop-up Diorama Kinkaku-ji

Took Youtube user talapz 4,500 lego bricks to build this Japanese Buddhist Temple.

Iconic and Classic Cars

1957 Corvette

I’m not a car enthusiast or anything like that, but some people truly value their car… almost more than their girlfriends/boyfriends.  I never understood why people give their car a girl’s name.  Someone enlighten me.  

Again, I’m not a car fanatic, but I would love to drive any one of the following collection of iconic and classic cars.  More after the break.


Cities Made Out of Toothpicks

Toothpick Cities created by Stan Munro.

Rhodia Mouse Paper Pad
[COSTS: $6.50]

Rhodia Mouse Paper Pad

[COSTS: $6.50]

Insanely Decorated Cars

I’ve never seen any of these insanely decorated cars ever in my life, nor have I seen anything that comes close to cars that look like these.  The most insanely decorated car I saw was one of those cars with a company’s logo and slogan all over the car so that you can see it from a mile away, and that’s not even insane.  These cars are INSANELY DECORATED! Check out more after the break.

Dollar Bill Carving

Each sculpture was carved from a stack of 100 $1 Bills.  These creative detailed sculptures are made by Scott Campbell who also does crazy tattoos. 

Rubix Cube Art

Invader uses an unique medium, rubik’s cubes.

Invader uses Photoshop to enlarge an image so that the image is pixilated and arranges each cube to match all the pixels on the image. Costs a few hundred bucks, and a one strong easel. He created a Mona Lisa that costed $400, took 12 hours, weighed 80 pounds, and stood 4 feet tall.  View more after the break.

We Have Band – You Came Out Music Video

Directed by David Wilson
Produced by Blinkink
Shot over 2 days and animated from 4,816 still images with no video footage! 
(via WeHaveBand)

Sweat Shoppe – Video Painting

Sweatshoppe has created a paintable projector. The paint roller is made up of green LED lights and a camera is placed next to the projector which can track the movements of the paint roller making a realtime projection.


Bookshelf Tree

It’s not your average rectangular bookshelf.  This creative bookshelf Tree is made by Korean designer Shawn Soh.

(via Shawn Soh)