States of Dress

States of Dress is an art project by artist Robin Barcus.  She is in the process of creating a site-specific dress sculpture in each of the fifty states in the USA.  Follow her blog to get updates on the progress of this awesome project.

(Above: New York - Garbage Dress)

Barcus says,

When thinking about what to create for the New York edition of the States of Dress project, I didn’t hesitate a moment to imagine garbage. The first time I ever visited New York was during a massive garbage strike, and I have never seen mountains of garbage piled so high on busy city sidewalks. I was raised in Chicago, where we have alleys to hide our garbage. I was surprised to discover that New York is a city without alleys, resulting in every home and business -even the fanciest restaurants- leaving their piles of trash right outside their front doors on the sidewalk. Even when there is not a garbage strike, the garbage bags lining the sidewalks in New York take some getting used to.  However, by no means did I want to create something “ugly” for this metropolis of art, beauty and fashion. I therefore strived to create a “couture”, jet-black, fashionable New York dress, that just happened to be made from garbage bags. To me, this piece represents all the contrasts inherent to New York: wealth and poverty - beauty and trash.

Nevada - Casino Chip Dress

Iowa - Prairie Dress

Minnesota - Corn Dress

Illinois - Red Dress

Wisconsin - White Pine Dress

Maine - Pinecone Dress

Wyoming - Willow Dress

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