16 Coolest Wallet Designs

Cassette Tape Wallet via Design Boom

Money Wallet via Mod Cloth

Bacon Wallet via Amazon

Tyvek Mail Mighty Billfold Wallet via Amazon

Dynomighty Three Binder Mighty Wallet via Amazon

Dynomighty Design Men’s NYC Subway Map Mighty Wallet via Amazon

Wallet made out of Apple Pro keyboard via uninorth13 on Flickr

The Crossword Challenge Vinyl Wallet via TwinWizards on Etsy

NES Controller Duct Tape Wallet via Geeky Gadgets

Recycled Newspaper Bi Fold Wallets via Amazon

Lego Wallet

Recycled Necktie Wallet via Laura Skelton on Etsy

Stop Shopping Wallet via Amazon

Flipside Wallet via flipsidewalletSeatbelt Wallet via supermarkethqCork Wallet via Uncrate

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