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Amazing Wax Nostalgic Carved Crayons by Hoang Tran.

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Today the Department of Marvelous Makeup pays a visit to London-based hair and makeup artist Laura Jenkinson, who has fun using her talents to transform her own lips into playful depictions of all sorts of pop culture characters, ranging from Shrek, Mr. T and Cartman to a host of Looney Tunes and Disney characters. We love how she even turned herself upside-down to accommodate the long face of Wallace from Wallace & Gromit.

Follow Laura Jenkinson’s Instagram account to see many more of her creative cosmetic transformations.

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The Department of Magnificent Manicures is hungry at the sight of these delectable sushi nails. They were handmade by Japanese Twitter user Ayamon, who lives in Nagoya, Japan and doesn’t actually think her fancy new nails are very appetizing:

“I made sushi nails, but they’re kinda gross lol!”

We still think they’re mouthwateringly awesome.

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Teenager Shitty_Watercolour of Reddit messaged 50 people on Facebook with a painting of their profile picture, but replacing them with sloths!!

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COST: $40

How to make Spiderman Strawberries

Food Art by Laruen Purnell.

She creates these culinary creations made from vegetables and fruits. The goal is to transform the sometimes boring food in the shape of animals and flowers with colorful elements. 

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Apple Love
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Apple Love

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Artist, Telmo Pieper recreated his childhood drawings 20 years later.

He says,

"Digital painted creatures and stuff based on my own childhood drawings. I designed these creatures at the age of 4 and now reincarnated them with digital painting."

Check out more of his work here


Russian carpenter Yuri Hvtisishvili created this awesome life-size wooden replica of the classic classic IL-49 Soviet motorcycle. It looks so perfect that, were it not for the telltale color, it’s hard to believe the bike is completely made of wood, even the tires. The project began ealier this year when business was slow at Yuri’s carpentry shop and he wanted to try something new. Inspired by an internet post about a master carpenter’s full-scale wooden replica of a motorcycle, he decided to create a replica of his favorite Russian motorcycle, the IL-49.

"Yuri started to work on the project on January 18; it was the perfect activity to pass his time during the long winter evenings. He patiently carved out the motorcycle one part at a time, down to the last nut and bolt. He made use of two types of wood – beech and pine – mainly for the way they complement each other. Four months later, on May 18, the hyperrealistic motorcycle was completed."

Head over to Oddity Central for additional photos of Yuri Hvtisishvili’s fantastic wooden motorcycle.

LEGO has recreated the Stay Puft Marshmellow Man from Ghostbusters in celebration of the release of Ghostbusters 30 years ago this summer.

It stands 25 inches tall and weighs 18 pounds, and is made of 3,654 LEGO bricks.