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Japanese photographer Chino Otsuka’s took old photos from her childhood and put pictures of her present self in them, creating lovely double self-portraits.

Latex Spider-man Suit For Girls


wet dogs by pet photographer Sophie Gamand 

Gamand had a bit of a help form Pet Stylist Ruben Santana to create this funny and ingenious photo series.

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Redditor Proteon shared the top photo of an awesome triceratops made of illuminated jack-o’-lanterns. According to subsequent comments on the Reddit post, the fantastic beast is part of The Great Jack o’Lantern Blaze at Van Cortlandt Manor in Croton, New York. A little sleuthing revealed that this radiant dino was actually part of last year’s event.

The 2013 Great Jack o’Lantern Blaze is still going on through November 1st and then again from November 8th to the 11th. If you’re in the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut tri-state area, there are over 5,000 hand-carved jack-o’-lanterns waiting for you. Click here to learn more.

Second photo via Tom Nycz Photography

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Ad Campaign by Amnesty International Switzerland

Switzerland are always forward thinkers.

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