In this modern generation of society, many people are trying to prove that an absolute perfect relationship truly does exist. Although, their are various struggles and challenges still facing this very subject, people still seem dedicated on obtaining and achieving such a wonderful dream. With divorce rates and failed relationships reaching an all-time high, studies would indicate that there simply may be no such thing. The fact is that no relationship can reach this peak of success with only individual efforts alone. Obtaining a healthy and successful relationship is definitely a two-way street that requires the care and nurture of both people involved.

Although, we currently live in a society that unfortunately, experiences a greater amount of failed relationships, there seems to be countless opportunities for support and guidance than ever before. Some couples prefer the help and assistance of marriage counseling and psychology, as well as a vast number of other methods to achieve a successful relationship. So why do we continue to see and experience, so many potentially good relationships conclude in utter disaster? The answer seems to be that the dreams and goals that two people once shared, have suddenly separated the two and placed them on different paths of life. Still we remain relentless in our efforts and attempts, to achieve this wonderful and ideal illusion of the perfect relationship. By following and applying these 12 simple steps, you could find yourself among the few current couples, that have figured out a solution to this growing concern facing our society.


1. Maintain and express the importance of being honest throughout the course of the relationship. If two people cant trust each other, the relationship always will experience disagreements that could potentially end on bad terms. By having the peace that comes from the ability of two people to trust each other, achieving this step is vital to the life of the relationship.

2. Spending the proper amount of time together. Every relationship varies in the amount of time that is necessary for each relationship to work. Some people reject the overwhelming feeling of being crowded. In fact, in most cases, the time that is dedicated to one’s self, determines to how well they engage others socially. The key is to establish the proper amount of time that is required together.

3. Expressing affection towards each other. While some partners engage in quirky kisses and hand holding, the important thing to remember is to always express some form of affection. Affection brings a feeling of peace of mind in most cases. It allows couples to have a mutual belief and assurance, that they are cared for and loved.

4. Showing and expressing interest in your partner’s daily life. Some People still find themselves rushing home through traffic, eager to return in the arms of their partner. Most couples find they cherish hearing the details of each other’s busy day. It makes each other feel that they have someone to help carry the burdens and stresses of life.

5. Say I love you every day. We all have herd that it is better to show ones love, rather than to constantly just tell someone. But studies suggest that someone hearing they are loved, greatly decreases depression and other health issues.

6. Avoid being selfish. Relationships seem to have a greater chance of success when both people consider each other’s feelings, and not just their own.

7. Allow time with others. Often by engaging in other friendships, couples can add stability to their intimate relationship. Chances are that most people enjoyed true genuine friendships, before committing themselves to an intimate relationship. Healthy relationships thrive on not forgetting about previous family members and friends. Couples should both feel that they made a wonderful and exciting new addition to their lives, instead of creating a solitary environment.

8. Remember the little things. Most relationships start with incredible generosity. The occasional card or gift of flowers is always to be expected. But it’s important to keep little gestures like these alive, and express the fact that you still care for each other.

9. Have yourself a Date night. Take time every week as a couple to go outside the home and spend time together. Too many couples find themselves wondering when was the last time they went out and had fun.

10. Don’t neglect meaningful holidays and anniversaries. Couples that celebrate in events such as birthdays, valentines day and their own relationship’s anniversary, tend to add more worth and value to the relationship.

11. Being to Jealous. Maybe one of the most contributing factors to the very cause of breakups comes from couples being too jealous. Extreme amounts of Jealousy can create trust issues with in the relationship.

12. Not being Jealous enough. Strangely as it sounds, some couples feel inadequate with out at least a small amount of jealousy detected in their relationship. With just applying a small amount of jealousy in the relationship, it can often show worth, and leave many couples still feeling wanted.